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Mesa Rx levels the pharmacy benefit playing field by analyzing employer pharmacy claims data and by leveraging our industry and clinical expertise to help employers lower their cost.  We identify and quantify unnecessary spending and work with the employer, benefit consultant and health plan to realize these savings by removing overpriced drugs from the employer’s drug formulary.


Mesa RX was founded in January 2016 to address the economic anomalies created by the pharmaceutical industry, and we use data analytics to help employers fight back.  Our CEO, Alex Schmelzer, left a twenty year career on Wall Street to found Mesa RX, and is committed to providing individualized service for every client.


July 20, 2018

Illustration: Sarah Grillo / Axios

One of the primary functions of a pharmacy benefit manager is to negotiate rebates from the list prices of prescription drugs. In return for the rebates, PBMs agree to cover those medications and make it easier for people to access them. PBMs then pass along the savings to the employers and health plans that hire them, often keeping a cut for themselves.

Yes, but: It's not that simple. As the E...

May 11, 2018

(posted by The Washington Post)

President Trump on May 11 announced his plan to lower prescription drug prices. (Reuters)

President Trump will break another promise Friday afternoon when he unveils his plan for lowering the cost of prescription drugs, backing off his campaign trial pledge to use the government's power to negotiate them for Medicare.

And that means he's selling out to the drug companies, according to none other th...

May 7, 2018

What one city did to fight high drug prices reveals a drug supply chain in which just about every link can benefit when prices go up

The Rockford File is the story of how one very expensive prescription drug threatened to financially cripple an entire city. That city is Rockford, Illinois, an old industrial town outside of Chicago. Rather than using a health insurance company, Rockford has, for years, paid its own health care c...

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